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What does Kisa Harrison consider good design?

“It goes beyond mere aesthetics or material value—it captures the essence of its wearer or the environment it enhances,” she says. “To me, good design symbolises one’s temperament, taste, and personality. It’s about creating pieces that resonate deeply with the individual, embodying sophistication and forging a personal connection.”

And with Harrison being CEO of Christopher Guy, the international high-end furniture designer and retailer that originated in the United Kingdom, her words carry a particular gravitas. Embodying elegance with edge, the brand brings together classic, modern, and Western European styles in its distinctive and timeless creations, which are designed and crafted in ateliers and workshops in central Java. Last August, it opened the doors to its 700sqm flagship showroom in the heart of Orchard Road, and this April it debuted during Salone del Mobile Milano the CG Cucina collection, which extends the Christopher Guy design spirit of aesthetic functionality to the kitchen.

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Since taking the helm after the company lost its namesake and founder, Christopher Guy Harrison, in 2020, Harrison has forged a distinct identity as a tastemaker and honed a flair for stylish interiors, shaped by her upbringing in Shanghai and her studies in the UK. “My personal style aligns closely with the Christopher Guy ethos—sophisticated, timeless, yet always with a hint of the contemporary,” she explains. “While I influence the brand’s style, it also influences mine, creating a symbiotic relationship where personal and professional aesthetics blend seamlessly.”

After first gaining attention for its sculptural mirrors, Christopher Guy went on to introduce visually poetic furniture that is instantly recognisable, but maintaining that distinct identity is no easy task. “Leading a design-focused business like Christopher Guy involves balancing creativity with commercial viability,” Harrison explains. “The challenge lies in staying true to our artistic roots while innovating and adapting to the evolving tastes and demands of our global clientele.” To continually refresh her vision, Harrison draws on her travels, her exploration of new cultures, and various artistic expressions to nurture her creativity, as well as looking to architecture, fashion, nature and beyond. “This diverse exposure helps me bring a fresh perspective to our designs, ensuring they remain distinctive and forward-thinking.”

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As an arbiter of style, Harrison brings an astute approach to decorating and furnishing, by recommending a focal point—a piece of furniture, an artwork, or a colour scheme—to set the tone for the rest of a space. “The must-haves for styling interiors include a blend of functional and aesthetic elements—artistic lighting, statement furniture, and personal artefacts that reflect the owner’s personality,” she says. “The goal is to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also reflective of the lives that unfold within them.”

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Art Direction: Marisa Xin
Styling: Kelly Hsu
Hair And Makeup: Sha Shamsi, Using Kms And Dior Beauty
Photography Assistant: Nowo Kasturi
Styling Assistant: Carlyn Soo

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