MayinArt and Olal’Art Gallery Partner Up to Showcase Asian Excellence with “Palette of Perspectives” Exhibition



Tofan Akselerasi Kebebasan (Freedom Acceleration)

Aptly named for featuring over 50 master artists from around Asia with artworks of various styles, colours and mediums, “Palette of Perspectives- Art is About You” is set to cater to a multitude of tastes for art enthusiasts, beginners and visitors alike. Curated by MayinArt in partnership with the Olal’Art gallery, the exhibition will showcase over 100 works by more than 50 artists from around Asia encompassing India, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China, alongside some European entries, showcasing the best of each region’s culture, for an East meets West appeal.

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Putu Sutawijaya Kembang Pesisir (Coastal Flower)

Astuti Kusumo (Life Is Motion)

Runa Biswas (Confluence of Shores #2)

ION Art Gallery will play host to the creations of master artists like Butet Kartaredjsa and Nasirun from Indonesia, Amrita Sher-Gil and MF Husain from India, along with the flair of contemporary artists such as Shan Re, Anjum Motiwala and William Kan to name a few. Keeping in line with the theme of, “Palette of Perspectives – Art is About You,” the showcase aims to celebrate the individuality of each artwork while highlighting the deep cultural connections and roots that the artists imbue in their creations. Each piece is a “window” showcasing the depths and rich tapestries of their artist’s individual expression.

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Nasirun Ibu Pertiwi (Mother Earth)

Budi Ubrux Dia (She)

William Kan (Modern World)

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Much like how there is no one way to define art, personal taste is equally subjective. Alongside showcasing the various perspectives of each unique artist towards their own definition of art, this exhibition also allows visitors to attune themselves and develop their personal tastes that go beyond the mere act of acquiring and owning art. The showcase presents an opportunity for all art lovers to explore their own individualities through art, and find a connection for art within themselves while fostering insightful conversations that go beyond what is simply seen at face value.

Anjum Motiwala (Out Of The Blue)

Visit “Palette of Perspectives- Art is About You” at ION Art Gallery Singapore this month.

Renowned for showcasing a diverse array of artists and their exceptional works, Mayinart prides itself on bringing together established artists and emerging talents, to create a dynamic and vibrant artistic community. For more information on MayinArt, click here.

Founded in 2021, Olal’Art is an art gallery and consultation company that manages art projects, promotes talented and established artists, curates exhibitions, and organises art events. Olal’Art provides consultations to individuals, families and private businesses on suitable art pieces to decorate their homes, offices, and event spaces. To find out more about Olal’Art, click here.

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