Discover a Venetian Jewel: The Sina Centurion Palace



Sina Centurion Palace

As you wander through the secluded streets of Dorsoduro, where private galleries and artists’ studios pepper the landscape, you’ll stumble upon this five-star boutique hotel standing proudly at the mouth of the majestic Grand Canal.

An Artistic Oasis

Sina Centurion Palace

Once an ancient convent, the palace exudes Venetian gothic charm with its timeless façade. Step inside, and one will find a contemporary sanctuary that seamlessly blends modern luxury with Venetian elegance. Adorned with an ever-changing exhibition of global contemporary artists, the internal courtyard and reception lounge invite you to immerse yourself in a world of artistic inspiration.

A Symphony of Comfort

Sina Centurion Palace

The 50 modern and plush rooms and suites offer a retreat from the bustling city, boasting high ceilings, abundant natural light, and Italian flair in every detail. Whether you choose a room overlooking the city or the tranquil internal courtyard, each space is thoughtfully designed to maximise comfort and style. And for those seeking the ultimate indulgence, the Presidential Suite offers a breathtaking panorama of the Grand Canal.

Exquisite Dining Experience

Sina Centurion Palace

Indulge your palate at Antinoo’s, the hotel’s esteemed restaurant offering fine dining with a view of the Grand Canal. From delicate seafood specialties to mouthwatering desserts, every dish is a testament to Venetian culinary excellence. And let’s not forget breakfast—the perfect blend of simplicity and variety awaits, with an array of continental delights and perhaps the best desserts in town.

Impeccable Service

Sina Centurion Palace

At Sina Centurion Palace, hospitality is not just a duty—it’s an art form. From the warm welcome at reception to the attentive care throughout your stay, the staff ensures that every moment is nothing short of perfection. And if you find yourself with energy to spare, a visit to the hotel’s small fitness center promises to invigorate both body and soul.

The Verdict

Sina Centurion Palace

For those seeking a truly exceptional Venetian experience, Sina Centurion Palace stands as a beacon of luxury and refinement. With its prime location, artistic ambiance, and unparalleled service, it’s no wonder this hidden oasis ranks among the best places to stay in Venice. So, why wait? Embark on your journey of discovery and let Sina Centurion Palace enchant you like never before.

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