4 Luxury Brands Embracing Cryptocurrencies



Some might think cryptocurrencies are a fad that will lose steam at some point. However, this year saw BitCoin’s stellar performance, regaining market value that has investors and traders on a spending spree. Adding to this is the fact that brands across the world are adopting cryptocurrencies more quickly than before.

The luxury sector isn’t far off in terms of adoption. As high-end products become more accessible to high-earners, we can only see the list of crypto-friendly luxury brands grow. For now, here are a few that have jumped onto the bandwagon and are showing great success in using digital currency for transactions with the rich and famous!

Ralph Lauren

Image courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Most famous for offering high-end fashion options, Ralph Lauren has been a mainstay in the industry because of the quality products it offers and, more importantly, its commitment to innovation. This is evidenced by the fact that the brand started accepting cryptocurrencies from customers starting last year.

This comes as the brand has invested intensely in new approaches to marketing its products. From augmented reality to virtual tours and now, cryptocurrencies, the store has broken ground as one of many elite brands on the path to building the future of luxury retail culture.


Balenciaga’s Crypto Hoodie (Image courtesy of Balenciaga)

Before Ralph Lauren, the French brand Balenciaga had already started accepting payments in BitCoin and Ethereum with the expectation of coming up with new and innovative payment options for luxury customers. The initiative started in 2022 in the fashion brand’s flagship stores in North America. What’s interesting is that this happened at a time when optimism for a world that runs on crypto was taking a nosedive.


If you’re thinking it’s still a good time to buy BitCoin, don’t stress over it. You can use your investment to book a flight and reserve accommodations at the hotels owned by Soneva. This luxury brand has a chain of resorts in the Maldives and Thailand, all of which are now accepting cryptocurrency payments from international travelers.

With the help of third-party payment processing platforms such as Pomelo and TripleA, Soneva aims to make traveling seamless for VIPs and even successful BitCoin traders. You might as well open up a portfolio and start earning cash to finance your next vacation.


Image courtesy of Ferrari

The Italian car manufacturer is synonymous with quality and innovation, especially in terms of the quality vehicles it produces. It’s the brand of choice of royalty and people featured in the Forbes 500. Today, it now caters to a new audience: cryptocurrency traders and investors.

Noting the high demand in this segment of the market, Ferrari started accepting payments in BitCoin, Ethereum, and USD Coin in 2023. Since it’s also known for speed without compromising safety,  the brand thought it wise to make transactions easier and more secure by embracing crypto. It’s a wise move for a car brand that has stood the test of time.


The brands above may be few, but with cryptocurrencies starting to make impressive gains across the board, we can only expect this list to grow. In due time, brands outside the luxury sector will follow suit and this, for sure, will turn cryptocurrencies from an “overhyped” fad to a part of daily life. 

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