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The luxury vintage car industry is as dynamic as it is risky. These classic cars go beyond the nostalgia-factor to provide both an avenue for investment and the charm of vintage motoring. With value estimates based on Hagerty’s Bull Market List of collector cars to buy in 2024 and a comprehensive overview of trending collector cars, this list is for lovers of all things automotive. While the value of cars is known to depreciate, these vintage vehicles have appreciated over time or have a lower depreciation rate than other luxury cars, providing a potential investment for long term value growth.

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Jaguar XJS (1975-1996)

975 Jaguar XJ-S 5.4 V12 vs. 1996 XJS 6.0-litre V12

Valued at approximately USD 25,514 

With its distinctive long hood and sleek lines, the Jaguar XJ-S (later XJS) is a luxury grand tourer. Produced by the British manufacturer Jaguar from 1975 to 1996, the car was launched on 10 September 1975. Today the Jaguar XJS provides a sophisticated choice for those seeking a mid-range investment.

Porsche 944 (1982-1991)

Valued at approximately USD 5,355 to USD 16,595

The 944 was available from the spring of 1982 and very quickly gained a large fan base. The 944 was one of the best sports cars Porsche ever made. It also had a stylish and timeless look thanks to its bulging fender flares and sloping nose. The Porsche 944 had endless interior options, with some combinations featuring leather or velour. Porsche paid attention to detail with the interior of the 944, making it more driver-focused, with all controls slightly aiming toward the driver. Despite being the big brother to the Porsche 924, the Porsche 944 was among the coolest sports cars from the 1980s. Underneath the hood of the 944 was a new 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with tuned-down power levels and racecar technologies, including an engine management system and balance shafts.

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1946 – 1950 Chrysler Town & Country

Valued at approximately USD 81,400 – USD 144,000

The first generation Town & Country arrived after WWII, and quickly became a fond piece of automotive Americana. While pre-war models were station wagons, Chrysler began experimenting with body styles, including convertibles and 4-door sedans in 1946. As they were manufactured in such limited numbers, they currently stand as rare and expensive collectables.

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1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary

Valued at approximately USD 612,500 – USD 770,000

The 1989 Lamborghini Countach is regularly up for grabs at the best auction houses across America. The Hero Car from “The Wolf of Wall Street” was presented in Abu Dhabi in November and is up on Bonhams site now with an estimated cost of USD 1.5 – USD 2 million. However, according to reports, buyers “should be able to get one for under a million”.

2011 – 2016 Ferrari FF

Valued at approximately USD 143,000 – USD 177,000

The “Ferrari Four” (four seats and four-wheel drive) is a grand tourer that was available for only a short period. Powered by a 6.3 liter V12, capable of 650 hp, and driving power to all four wheels via 7-speed automated transmission, the FF was replaced for the 2017 model year by the GTC4Lusso. lists a 2014 model that sold for USD 325,000 at the start of 2024, but according to Hagerty, one should expect a price range within USD 125,000 for one in “good” condition.

BMW E90 M3

Valued at approximately USD 45,000 – USD 73,000

In the autumn of 2007, BMW M launched the fourth generation BMW M3 E92 sports coupé. Two further launches followed in 2008, as the high-performance vehicle was made available in three body styles: the E92 Coupé, the E93 Convertible and, for the first time since the E36, as the E90 Sedan. Just like their predecessors, the models set new standards in terms of technology and driving dynamics. Never before had the BMW M3 been powered by an eight-cylinder engine. Typically, resale value among BMW models retains 61.6 percent of its value after the first five years. The estimates of resale value set by actuarial professionals for the M3 is 57 percent on a three-year 36,000 mile lease which implies a USD 85,000 2021 M3 will be worth USD 48,000 in 2024.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Black Series  

2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

Valued at approximately USD 688,415 – USD 700,000

For those who desire the ultimate in AMG performance, few models can match the exclusivity, rarity and track-optimised performance of the AMG Black Series models. One can think of the Black Series as AMG’s most extroverted, most track-focused and most exclusive, limited-production models. Since the first SLK 55 Black Series, these models have further enhanced AMG’s already exceptional performance models by modifying their powertrains, chassis and aerodynamics to optimise performance and maximise their dynamic capabilities. Thus far, only five special models have worn the distinctive Black Series badge. 

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1964-1966 Ford Thunderbird

Valued at approximately USD 110,000

Introduced in 1964, the Thunderbird — or “Flair Bird” — is an American classic that was a huge success when it was first released. With its low ground clearance and rear fender skirts, it looks like it hovers mere inches above the ground. MotorTrend indicated that the T-Bird convertible is the perfect parade car because “it’s low, wide and roomy”. The power-operated soft top on that version hides completely in the trunk, adding to the car’s space-age profile that dominated the mid sixties.

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