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RIMOWA’s latest “Engineered for Life” campaign highlights values and legacy of each of its creations.

I remember my first RIMOWA purchase. It was May 2019 and my then editor-in-chief asked me along to the RIMOWA boutique at Mandarin Gallery after a meeting with a client. He wanted to check out new ones in preparation for an upcoming trip—he already owned a couple of aluminium RIMOWA suitcases then—and thought should get into the brand.

“It’s an investment,” he proffered, rather convincingly. He has a real knack for persuading someone, just about anyone really, to buy that embroidered Dries Van Noten shirt or that pair of Celine boots that adds a few centimetres to your stature—all me, by the way.

To be fair, I was already contemplating on getting one. I had a few work trips lined up and had a long winter vacation to the States to look forward to, so it wasn’t so much a push into my first purchase as it was a gentle nudge. I went home with an Essential Check-In L in Gloss Green. The polycarbonate construction was a no-brainer because it’s incredibly lightweight and sturdy, and the green… well, I didn’t want to be too boring nor too flashy.

It has been five years and the suitcase has seen its fair share of cargo holds, boots of Uber rides, and hotel rooms. We made it to Italy at a time when you had to fill up pages of forms and undergo Covid-testing to get in and out of the country; it was my companion on my first multiple-transit flights to Egypt; and it saw me through my first full fashion weeks in Milan and Paris.


I’ve added more into my own RIMOWA family since. An Essential Trunk Plus in a Gloss Slate Grey, and most recently, my first aluminium suitcase in the form of an Original Cabin in Silver, have both become quite indispensable travel essentials. I might have entered a cult; I’m not entirely sure about that yet.

But if it’s a cult—it’s not, this is purely a haha I’m a witty writer kind of thing—I’m in it for life. In 2023, RIMOWA introduced a lifetime guarantee for all of its suitcases purchased from 25 July 2022. It means that a RIMOWA customer can easily rock up to a RIMOWA boutique and get any of the functional aspects of a suitcase fixed for the entirety of its lifespan.

“Behind every RIMOWA case is a symphony of German engineering and the dedication of our community—the skilled artisans, passionate owners, and meticulous repair technicians. Together, we create cases that aren’t just built for life, they truly become a canvas for the enduring spirit of those who journey with us,” says Emelie De Vitis. The senior vice president of product and marketing at RIMOWA is referring to “Ingenieurskunst”, a German word that translates to “the art of engineering”.

Now, RIMOWA isn’t saying that its German engineering is the best there is but rather, that it’s an artistic philosophy that manifests itself in every RIMOWA suitcase. It’s this craftsmanship and know-how honed since the brand’s founding in 1898 that allows each suitcase to be a lifelong companion in whatever journey one goes on.

There’s little doubt that a RIMOWA suitcase can live for multiple lifetimes, as evident from the brand’s many exhibitions that have showcased pieces dating back for more than a century and still remaining functional. A RIMOWA suitcase is engineered for life, able to go through every natural wear and intentional personalisation so it’s not really about how long a suitcase can live for, but rather the life it can live through. The lifetime guarantee aids in this quest for the ultimate luxury item that’s a symbol of a life well lived from the moment it leaves a boutique.


It’s like us going through life. We hit a bump in the road, we pick ourselves up, go through a process of reflecting and fixing what needs to be fixed, and then continue through life again—an applicable cycle for a RIMOWA suitcase.

I haven’t felt the need to send in my suitcases for a fix just yet. They’re still functioning as swimmingly as when I first got them. When the need arises though, I’m confident that any member of my RIMOWA family will be back with me journeying through life without missing a beat.

“It’s an investment.” I hate to give it to him, but he was right.

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