WILDMOOR Showcases the Scottish Lands



WILDMOOR’s range presents another slivered look of the Scottish plains.

Embodying the untamed beauty of Scotland, WILDMOOR invites whisky enthusiasts on a journey through ancient moorlands, rugged coastlines, dense forests, unspoiled mountain ranges, and imposing lochs.

It started 60 years prior when William Grant & Sons went on a quest to acquire a vast reserve of rare, high-aged malt and grain whiskies from every corner of Scotland. WILDMOOR is one such acquisition. Selected for its unique character, much like the ever-evolving Scottish landscape, these whiskies have matured over decades resulting in a phenomenal depth and complexity.

Further honed under the keening eye of Master Blender Brian Kinsman, WILDMOOR’s catalogue can be seen as a “flavour map” of Scotland. Within each glass of WILDMOOR, you’re transported to the Scottish territories beyond the confines of a single distillery style. WILDMOOR’s core range is recognisable by its dark hue—a unique profile to its whiskies—thanks to the sherry cask maturation.

All WILDMOOR bottle exteriors are designed with the rugged, elemental textures and forms of the Scottish landscape. From rural lowlands to unspoiled uplands, coastlines, rivers, and lochs; each bottle acts as a physical panorama of Scotland’s epic beauty.

The Collection

WILDMOOR Dark Moorland: 23 Year Old

WILDMOOR Dark Moorland: 23 Year Old

A blend of Highland and Speyside malts combined with Lowland grain whisky. Matured in both American and European oak, this whisky evokes the windswept moorlands of Scotland, its rich flavour further enhanced by an Oloroso Sherry cask finish.

WILDMOOR Rugged Coast: 30 Year Old

WILDMOOR Rugged Coast: 30 Year Old

Drawing inspiration from Scotland’s rugged western coastline, you get notes of peat, sea air and crashing waves. This bold whisky blends smoke with rich stone fruit, culminating in a lingering finish. The Oloroso Sherry cask finish adds an extra layer of complexity.

Travel Retail Exclusives

The Travel Retail exclusives

The Travel Retail exclusives include the WILDMOOR Waking Forest: 23 Year Old, WILDMOOR Tropical Coast: 30 Year Old and the WILDMOOR Black Mountain: 40 Year Old (the Black Mountain is also available for domestic sale).

Waking Forest marries virgin oak and sherry oak that results in smooth vanilla flavours with a rich sweetness. While, the Tropical Coast captures the essence of Scotland’s northwestern coastline in summer. Finished in a Caribbean Rum cask, it is smooth, fruity, and sweet with a touch of rum spice. Lastly, the Black Mountain is an extraordinary blend that features rare grain and Highland malts, enriched with Ghosted Distillery stock. Finished in a Pedro Ximenez cask, it delivers an intense, deep, and elegant experience.

WILDMOOR Travel Retail range is available at an exclusive pop-up. Located in Terminal 1 Departures (Transit), this immersive space invites visitors for a multi-sensory adventure through Scotland’s rugged lands. culminating in curated whisky and food pairings at the pop-up bar. Exclusive gifting and complimentary personalisation are available with every purchase.

The WILDMOOR Travel Retail range, including the 23 Year Old Waking Forest and 30 Year Old Tropical Coast, will be available at Singapore Changi Airport Lotte Duty Free shops until 23 May, 2024, and in selected Travel Retail markets from 24 May, 2024. The rest of the WILDMOOR range will be available at selected retailers and online.

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