Ezri Tarazi’s “Baghdad Table”



Image courtesy of edra.com

The contemporary “Baghdad Table” (priced at USD 39,600) is an ingenious interior creation by designer Ezri Tarazi. The concept behind the table is that each shape’s various identities are merged into a cohesive plan.

Image courtesy of edra.com

The table is described by Edra as “Inspired by the layout of the capital of Iraq, it resembles an industrial architecture model. The top is made up of hundreds of different extruded aluminum pieces, hand welded to form a single surface completely perforated. The legs are made from extruded profiles secured directly inside the top.”

Image courtesy of edra.com

The top of the new Baghdad table is made of tens of different industrial aluminum profiles, with each one with a specific purpose, which together make up a map of the capital of Iraq, ploughed by river Tigris.

Image courtesy of edra.com

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All visuals are courtesy of edra.com

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